Hiking Trails

There are more than four miles of hiking trails at the Interpretive Center. From the Oregon Trail ruts to sweeping views of Blue Mountains and the delicate song of the meadowlark, experience nature and history by taking a walk on one of the trails.

Oregon Trail ruts resemble a swale of slightly packed earth, rather than the more familiar set of parallel tracks typically made by automobiles.There are approximately 13 miles of Oregon Trail wagon ruts along Virtue Flat that are visible from Flagstaff Hill.

One mile of well-preserved ruts lie on the Interpretive Center grounds, and are accessible by the trails or from a turnout on Highway 86 about a half-mile west of the Center’s entrance.

Trail Tips
  • Remember to take drinking water along, and wear appropriate footwear. You might want to take insect repellent and a hat.

  • Leashed dogs are permitted on trails; please pick up after your pets.

  • There are no drinking fountains or restrooms along the trail, however there are shade shelters and benches.

  • Please stay on the trail. Smoking is not permitted on trails due to potential fire danger.

Accessibility: The Flagstaff Hill Loop and the Panorama Point Trail to the Oregon Trail Ruts are paved, and designed for barrier-free access, with grades of 5% or less.

Trail maps are available at the Information Desk, or can be downloaded (PDF) to your mobile device.